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There are several issues people are facing regarding making the screen full while playing the undertale game. They couldn’t find the solution of how to make full screen because their keyboard settings are different.

In some cases, the functions keys are not enabled so while pressing the Alt key another setting is performed depending upon the built -in setting.

  • The quickest way to do that press Alt + F4 button.
  • Those who have function is not enabled simply press the fn button and then press the Alt + F4.
  • On some Computers pressing the single F4 works.

undertale fullscreen


Full Screen on Undertale for HP Windows 10?

On some Computers pressing the f4 won’t work. I was get to know; someone was telling that whenever he presses f4 it opens the project menu.

It depends on the configurations of Undertale game. Try to go to the settings and disable f4 key for any functionality of the game & point it to full screen.

And then try to press F4 again, hope it will work.

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Anyway to resize Windowed Mode :: This Question asked in Reddit


  • I’m trying to play the game while my GF watches over skype. Full screen mode won’t work with Share screen, but windowed mode is a little too small.
  • Is there a line I can change to resize the window anywhere?
  • Edit: I found a way. Using this i can resize the game to 1920×1080 (my resolution) making it basically windowed fullscreen. 🙂


  1. Press F4 to play in Full Screen mode. Resizing the window is not possible without external software. There is software out there that gives you a chance to change over full screen film in to a web cam stream or utilize it for gushing in actuality I realize that Steam has a component to for spilling now on the off chance that you are playing the Steam form. Skype’s screen share feature is a bit picky at times. Also I know this post is already two months old as of me posting my comment but I chose to post this anyway as this showed up in a google search when I was looking for how to switch to full screen mode.
  2. Hello, I wrote this simple program to change the resolution of applications.


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